A Trucker Legal Advice Guide For Company Truck Drivers

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Discuss issues related to trucking laws, traffic laws, employment laws and more here. We have a trucker/lawyer who will do his best to answer your legal questions. We are NOT responsible for the accuracy of ANY advice given. Use your heads, please.

Trucker Legal Help: How to Get What You Need When You Need It. There are two types of trucker legal help that a professional truck driver might need: for personal use and; for business use. The former needs may span a lifetime. The latter may span only one’s trucking career. Why Truck Drivers May Need Legal Help

New CDL Truck Driving school truck drivers  hereDriver’s Certified List of Moving Violations and Accidents Each year the driver must accurately complete this form, and it must be kept in his DQ file. Medical Examiner’s Certificate Make sure that your driver has no medical conditions that would impair his ability to safely drive a tractor trailer.

Then we can help you determine the value of your case and seek. Both truck drivers and trucking companies are required by law to follow guidelines set by the.

The Virginia Truck Accident Guide was created by personal injury. A Virginia truck accident lawyer can help you protect your rights and. Our team will fight insurance companies and the trucking company's. understanding of the laws and regulations that govern truck drivers and operators in Virginia.

Services; Factoring Services · Fuel Card Program. In order to operate heavy trucks, all of your company's drivers need valid. To learn what your state requires, pick up a CDL manual at your local. The form designates a person in each state where your company operates to act as a legal “process agent.

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Unlike other legal benefit plans for commercial truck drivers, CDL Defender pays 100 percent of attorney fees for representation on covered issues (meaning that the driver and his/her spouse are covered for all non-criminal violations – moving, non-moving and DOT in commercial and personal vehicles alike – and we can also provide guidance on.

Here’s How You Can Report an Unsafe Trucking Company. There’s almost nothing more terrifying than seeing a semi truck driving recklessly. Fortunately, when you witness negligent behavior from a truck driver or trucking company, you have the power to report it to the authorities.