Brunson: ‘Tsunami of prayer’ from Turkish prison


  1. in Turkey. A number of people worked to secure my freedom, but underlying it all was the prayer of God’s children.

    A Turkish court on Friday convicted Brunson of having links to terrorism and sentenced him to just over three years in prison, but released the 50-year-old evangelical pastor because he had.

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    After only one day of testimony, the outcome of the first hearing for U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson has not gone as we hoped. Late on Monday, a Turkish judge ordered a continuation of the Brunson trial with the second hearing scheduled for May 7. In another devastating blow, the judge refused to release Andrew and sent him back to prison.

    Brunson was with charged abetting dissidents in 2016 and has recently been moved from prison to house arrest. To hear Turkish officials describe him. “Suddenly I realized my prayers had been.

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    President western izmir issued an order for Brunson’s release, allowing him to return to his home in Izmir on the condition.

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    TURKEY: Andrew Brunson returns to prison. Surely a very big work of God is coming from this huge wave – really a tsunami – of prayer.

    Walker is a former Baptist preacher and co-chair of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. coup attempt on Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and charged with espionage and aiding terrorist groups..