Immersion in Mexico-students head south of the border

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I do not believe there is a Spanish language immersion school in PP. The closest one of which I am aware is in Ensenada en Baja 60 miles south of Tijuana. There are lots of others. Search for this in your browser. I have attended 2 such schools; one in Ensenada in 2000 and one in Guanajuato in 2002. I was able to go to 2 weeks at each.

While the Spanish immersion component of their new school was a bit of an initial challenge for The Reds, they transitioned and acclimated rather quickly, having been exposed to Spanish in a border city the first eight years of their life. Even without those language advantages, we all know how sponge-like children’s brains are, and if given the opportunity, they are able to assimilate and.

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For those with time, head south and find a place to take a week or two week long spanish immersion school. San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, MX, San Pedro on Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala, or Antigua Guatemala in Guatemala are known for their immersion schools.. South of the border, in.

Mexico Cooking Vacations, Food Tours, Cooking Classes, Culinary Holidays Mexico offers well-known as well as diverse flavors for any food enthusiast. Cooking vacations throughout this South-of-the-Border country offer the traveler opportunities to experience authentic Mexican cooking.

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A group of SJU students at the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border.. Part of his group's work centered on bringing social justice to the U.S.-Mexican border.. campus minister and director of retreats and immersion programs, the.

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From Tijuana to Tenochtitln. Experience Mexico like a local. Since 2009. From Tijuana to Tenochtitlan and beyond. Experience Mexico like a local. Founded by a US journalist in 2009, the core goal of Turista Libre is to see south of the border less like a tourist and more like a local via atypical day trips in and around Tijuana, Mexico City, Monterrey and Ciudad Juarez.

Tomorrow we head toward the small town of Guadalupe, around 40 miles south of here on Hwy 3. Guadalupe is part of a wine region, but there isn’t much there in terms of hotels (other than some very expensive ones). There is supposed to be a campground nearby so I think that’s where we will aim for.