Texas bartender arrested for serving drinks to killer

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Texas bartender arrested for serving drinks to killer A Texas bartender who served a man who later went on a deadly shooting spree in September 2017 was arrested and charged last week by authorities in texas. lindsey glass, 27, was charged with.

Police in the United States arrested a Texas bartender who served alcoholic drinks to a man who then went on to shoot his wife and seven others dead while watching an NFL football game.

Five bar employees were arrested Wednesday after being accused of. Agents with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and South.

Lindsey Glass, 27, was arrested and charged final week with promoting alcohol to an intoxicated particular person. The cost is a misdemeanor, her lawyer, Scott Palmer, informed CNN Wednesday. Glass was working at Native Public Home in Plano, Texas, on September 10, 2017, when she served Spencer Hight 5 drinks.

A Texas bartender, Lindsey Glass, was arrested for serving a customer who later went on a deadly killing spree at his ex-wife’s home in September 2017. Glass faces up to one year in jail if convicted.Glass’ attorney, Scott Palmer, joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s radio show to share Lindsey’s side of this tragic tale.

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A Texas bartender who served a man who later went on a deadly shooting spree in September 2017 was arrested and charged last week by authorities in Texas. Lindsey Glass, 27, was charged with.

A bartender accused of serving a drunk man has been arrested after he went on a shooting rampage killing eight, including his ex-wife at a football watch party. Lindsey Glass, 27, is charged with allegedly violating a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code titled ‘Sale to Certain Persons’ following Spencer Hight’s murderous spree in 2017.

Texas bartender charged for serving gunman who left bar, killed 8 people. According to Plano police, Glass continued to serve alcohol to Spencer.. Police Looking at Similarities in the Murder of 3 St. Louis Area Women.

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PLANO, Texas – Authorities in suburban Dallas have arrested a bartender who served drinks to a man who later went to his estranged wife’s home and fatally shot her and seven others as they.

Natalia Ortiz is charged with serving alcohol to a visibly intoxicated. Palacios was convicted of murder April 6 and sentenced to 32 years in.

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