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“There’s not much you can do to fix the trade war or emerging currency war if you are an oil. as sanctions and political.

The agreement – signed in 2015 between Iran, US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) forum in Venezuela on Saturday to blast the Trump administration’s foreign.

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The article which follows is taken from the new edition of. little evidence that Iran gave any direct support to the.

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Russia has upgraded its Tu-160 fleet with new weapons and electronics and plans to produce a Russia is a major political ally of Venezuela, which has become increasingly isolated in the world under Russia-U.S. relations are currently at post-Cold War lows over Ukraine, the war in Syria and.

Despite the news cycle’s focus on war threats against Iran, the Minneapolis protesters were also keen to point out that similar acts of U.S. aggression continue against Latin American countries. "The latest round of sanctions on Venezuela are aimed at the CLAP, a government food distribution program.

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"Venezuela is a black hole for Russia, where billions of dollars have been sunk. and the effect is zero Russia is now advocating political negotiations in Venezuela, with international mediation. "They held the decisive protest – and then they called the next one," Komsomolskaya Pravda joked.

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So, we are now in a phase of Russia-gate in which NGO “scholars” produce deeply biased reports and their nonsense is treated as front-page news and. with next to no proof, especially when the.

 · About 46 percent of troops who responded to the anonymous survey of currently serving Military Times readers said they believe the U.S. will be drawn into a new war within the next year.

Iran has followed Russia’s lead in shoring up ties with Venezuela at a time when the United States sought to oust the embattled Latin American country’s socialist government, but China’s presence there may be the Pentagon’s gravest concern. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza defiantly told a.

Banco Central de Venezuela has printed new banknotes of 10,000. Meanwhile, traditional allies of the government in Caracas, such as Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey, voiced their support for Nicolás.