What we tell our kids – video games

In this article I discuss how you can set some limits on your child’s gaming. I also give you some simple guidelines to help figure out whether or not your child’s video game use could become pathological-or in other words, unhealthy or addiction-like.Finally, I’m also going to reveal some well-kept secrets your kids don’t want you to know about their game systems.

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The topic of putting limits on kids and video games is extremely polarizing. One side says, "My kids have no limits. They can play whenever they want, for as long as they want." The other side states, "We do not have video games in our home and my children are forbidden from ever playing them."

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When Video Game Use Crosses the Line. As a parent of a child who plays video games, computer games, or games on handheld devices like cell phones, it’s important to take a look at your child’s overall functioning at home, at school, in their social circle and their mental or psychological functioning.

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10 Video Games We’ll Be Ashamed To Tell Our Kids About. Some day we’ll question why a violent car theft game has sold over 34 million copies.

How to you talk to your kids about gun violence at school? mental health experts explain how they help their own kids feel safe when the world feels out of control.

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When or do I ever tell the kids that their dad cheated and remarried to his mistress. I know that they will want to know why we divorced when they are older. How do I keep it truthful, but appropriate for kids. Or Do I just tell them we parted ways, and never reveal that their stepmother was the women their father had an affair with during our marriage.